Know The Pre-Existing Problem Before Signing up with Insurance

Know The Pre-Existing Problem Before Signing up with Insurance - Having actual insurance is considered by some individuals to be extremely important as an initiative to protect themselves. But before ending up being an insurance client, it would certainly behave to know thoroughly the contract or provision included in the insurance.

Among them is the pre-existing problem provision in insurance. Insurance Observer Kapler Marpaung said that a pre-existing problem is a health and wellness problem that existed before the insurance plan took effect.

"Usually, this pre-existing problem is an exemption to the protection provided. For instance, if a client currently has a congenital cardiovascular disease that he has struggled with before buying an insurance plan. After that when sending a Life Insurance or Health and wellness Insurance Application Letter, the congenital illness isn't communicated to the insurance company. So if after the plan works and he submits an insurance claim for his cardiovascular disease, the claim can be terminated by the insurance company," said Kapler estimated on Thursday (14/10/2021).

Inning accordance with the guy that also functions as Chairman of the Riches Management Standard Board Indonesia (WMSBI), the termination of claims because of the imposition of a pre-existing problem provision can be avoided by providing information about the prospective customer's clinical and clinical background freely and transparently.

For a recently expanding issue that led to an actress' complaint, inning accordance with Kapler when a client decides to buy a health and wellness insurance plan, for instance, he should have put ahead all the clinical information he carries in the insurance protection application letter.

"So that the insurance company can determine or decide, whether the insurance provider will approve the application, or whether the company will approve with several problems, or rather the insurance company will decline. So that if there's an insurance claim in the rear of the day, there will be not a problem about its legitimacy," he said.

"So the prospective client must put ahead all his clinical background. Visibility must be done," he included.

Kapler also said that certain insurance companies may set plans so that customers can still obtain the protection programs provided. He has been sorry that if the client transforms bent on having a clinical map of a specific serious disease, the insurance company may prepare an agreement with a provision that the claim benefit can just be received by the client after a specific duration after the plan is issued.

"There are insurance companies that are ready to cover certain dangers that have occurred before the plan took effect. It is simply that claims can just be offered after 2 years of the plan remaining in effect, for instance. Or some are legitimate after 3 years of the plan. It depends on the kind of critical disease," said the Participant on the Advisory Board of the Indonesian Insurance and Reinsurance Brokers Organization (ABAI).

Disclosure of Information

However, this provision that can lead to a win-win service for customers and insurance companies, inning accordance with Kapler, can just be recognized if, from the start, information disclosure from customers to insurance companies is executed.

"This is a type of great belief for the company in providing insurance protection to the general public," he said.

Kapler also said that on the various other hands, the insurance industry must have the ability to provide very detailed education and learning to prospective customers, to avoid mis-spelling. Additionally, Kapler also advised customers to read each provision of the insurance contract carefully, so that they can raise objections or rectifications if there are articles that are considered undesirable.

"What isn't well comprehended by the general public as prospective customers, is they have a free appearance duration or free appearance arrangement. This means that prospective policyholders have time to first examine their plans, or re-study, them to earn a decision. If the components of the planned climax are considered to be inconsistent with what is preferred, the plan can be terminated and the costs paid will be reimbursed," Kapler said.

Typically, this free appearance arrangement duration is 2 week time out of mind the prospective client gets the plan, and all life and health and wellness insurance items use the provision in great belief from the insurance company, so that there's no bias that the insurance company just goes after the plan sales target.

"So, before buying a plan, understand the preferred item. Carefully read the articles of contract in the plan, and provide all information about on your own transparently and truthfully. The real estate agent doesn't know the real problem of his prospective client, just the individual of the prospective client knows," said Kapler.

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